1961-1971- Drawing, Painting and Photography.  Scholarship to the Midwestern Music and Art Camp, the University of Kansas, 1970;

1972-1973- Design and Drawing, Western Michigan University;

1978-1979-Sculpture and Painting, Michigan State University;

1990-1995-Photography.  Landscapes and models of Boston modeling agencies.  Two trips to Paris;

1995-1999-Moved to Gloucester, Mass.. Member, Marblehead and Newburyport Art Associations.  Won awards in painting including Best of Show;

1999-Honorable Mention, Cambridge Art Association National Show, Boston, Mass.;

2000-Exhibition, Mingo Gallery, Beverly, Mass.;

2004-Group Show, Mingo Gallery, Beverly, Mass.;

2008-Group Show, Beverly Farms Public Library, Beverly Farms, Mass.;

2017-Lone Gull Café, Gloucester, Mass.;

2018-Matz Gallery, Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester, Mass., October 2018;

Next Exhibits:  Stetson Gallery, Marblehead, Mass., February 5-March 20, 2019; Lone Gull Café, Gloucester, Mass., November 2019;


     Every time I have set goals in my art in a sense I lose some ability.  Successful images that I have done have evolved from simply how I feel about the subject matter which I believe and which I first read as a quote by Andrew Wyeth.  So in a sense the image may be already finished before I start.  Its success in me is almost of a spiritual nature.  That is how I view my creative process.  I was raised traditionally and my art particularly in photography in the early 1990's reflects an adherence to traditional perspective and composition, having been inspired by Italian Renaissance art.  My recent paintings reflect a new way of interpreting my renaissance inspiration.  They are denoted by titles in Italian.

     Commissions accepted.

     Prints are available of all images:   Paintings, $150, signed; Photographs, signed, $75.  Drawings, signed, are $150.  Partial proceeds from every sale go to the Cheetah Conservation Fund,, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 

     Copyright laws apply to these images.